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Aid eternal happiness & transform your mind

Gemstones and crystals have long been coveted for their healing properties and vibes. My fascination with the beauty of gemstones along with their healing qualities had me trying to come up with a way to wear them so they are artful and still bring all those health vibes.

Stringing together gems on a line isn’t so creative or unique and this wasn’t what brought me to my mandala design. Rather, I was reflecting on some of the unique and thoughtful exercises I had learned in graphic design class. Our instructor had us create a mandala for our first art assignment. My first exposure to the concept of a mandala completely fascinated me.

A mandala’s purpose is to help the mind transform from ordinary to enlightened. Its circular design is a symbol that life is never ending. The circle also symbolizes that everything in life is connected.

And last but not least, the mandala represents a spiritual journey within an individual. Which is precisely what happened after my instructor encouraged our class to research mandalas. Something as simple as the knowledge of the mandala’s purpose started me on the path to spiritual evolution.

So why the beads and the mandala? I felt the two combined would be powerful. The gemstones promote healing and provides protection vibes while the mandala encourages spiritual growth and awareness.

The really great thing is that these also look so beautiful together. A pretty fashion statement making you look extra chic. I can’t decide if these belong to the boho style or not. But, I believe that’s a matter of personal opinion so I’ll leave the decision on how to label the necklace up to you.

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