This is an absolutely scrumptious bracelet with gorgeous turquoise, moonstone and European jade gemstones. It takes boho-chic fashion to the moon and back!.You’ll not only make a statement with this bracelet, but have a cherished one-of-a-kind heirloom piece of jewelry.


Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in human history and was the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors.  In the ancient Southwestern part of the USA, turquoise was a significant part of the local economy and culture. It was so significant that the Anasazi civilization used turquoise as a currency.


Handmade 3-strand bracelet with a sterling silver (92.5) clasp that can be adjusted to fit almost any wrist size:

  • Turquoise (3, 4, and 5 mm)

  • Moonstone (1x3, 3x5 and 6 mm)

  • European jade (4x6 mm)

  • Czech glass pendant (8x10 mm)

  • Chiang sterling silver spacers (made by tribes in Nepal)

  • Sterling silver findings (92.5)

  • Bracelet measures 6-1’/4 inches and will fit a wrist that measures 5-1/2 to 5-7/8 inches. It can be expanded to fit a wrist that measures up to 7 inches. The expansion is done with sterling silver and not gemstones by adding extra silver to the clasp.

  • Please see the photo above which illustrates where you should measure your wrist. Please indicate if you’d like some space and how much space. Provide two measurements. As an example, your wrist is 6 inches in diameter and you'd  like the bracelet to have1/2 inch of extra space. Both measurements are needed to create the fit that you prefer.

This is an absolutely gorgeous bracelet. The gemstones are simply lovely. 


Turquoise is an efficient healer and provides solace for the spirit.  It benefits the overall mood and emotions by inspiring a sense of serenity and peace.


Wearing turquoise helps restore vitality and lift one’s spirit. According to Chakra beliefs, it can also help relieve stress and bring focus back to the heart center. Turquoise has an empathetic and balancing vibration which helps one recognize the causes of happiness and the counterpart of unhappiness.


Price includes standard shipping to the USA, Canada & UK/Europe.

Turquoise Bracelet