An exquisite rose quartz statement necklace part of B+B's premier necklace collection, it is 33-1/8-inch (includes 2-3/8-inch pendant) long.


Details include:


  • Handmade, hand-painted and hand-shaped mandala polymer clay pendant (2-1/4”diameter)

  • Polymer clay is non toxic, durable and ethically sourced from the USA

  • Swarovski pearls (3)

  • Beautiful quality faceted rose quartz (8 mm)

  • Faceted rhodochrosite (square) and rhodolite (round), 4 mm

  • Faceted chocolate moonstone (2 mm)

  • Creamy moonstone faceted rondelle (3x5 mm)

  • 92.5 sterling silver beads (3 mm and 10 mm) and 92.5 sterling silver rondelles with cubic zirconia (2x3 mm)

  • To pull your head through this necklace, the opening is 28 inches. There is no clasp.


Rose quartz has a gentle pink essence which is known for its capacity to help you find and feel unconditional love.  Known as the stone of the compassionate heart, rhodochrosite symbolizes selfless love, helping one to find more than empathy and helping one to take action. And, rhodolite  encourages love, kindness and compassion, and promotes self-worth and spiritual growth


The mandala, in many cultures, has an association with spirituality and it’s main purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones and to assist with healing providing the wearer with a unique spiritual journey.


Handmade products are not machined by tools. As a result, there are some inconsistencies in shape and depth/thickness and some of the pieces can have imperfections on the back side.


Please do not merge this jewelry into water. Wiping with soft moist cloth is ok but saturating or soaking will ruin them.


Price includes standard shipping to the USA, Canada & UK/Europe. Need it sooner? Please contact me for express shipping. Additional express shipping fees will apply.


Statement Necklace with a Focus on Love