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A favourite design, this adorable sparkle earring is popular with a cross section of generations but especially with Gen Z. The gemstones are 4x 6 mm faceted and semi precious. The earring measures approx 35 mm long.  


Pack of six: $10.00 each earring for total pack value of $60 (MSRP $20.00 each pair of earrings)

  • Moonstone –  inner clarity, cyclical change and connection to the feminine

  • Aquamarine – happiness, hope and everlasting youth and promotes fearlessness

  • Amethyst – a stone of peace, amethyst has a calming presence and helps the mind flow more freely

  • Chrysocolla – tranquility, intuition, patience and unconditional love

  • Turquoise – protection, luck and abundance

  • Rose quartz –  unconditional love and heal emotional relationships


*Please note: the spiritual significance provided above are taken from practices that promote spiritual healing. Baubles + Beads in no way promotes using these gemstones as a replacement to modern medicine or the counsel of a medical doctor.


Earring display stand

A limited number of display stands are available. Each display stand is $15. Each stand can hold a maximum of 12 products. Please click here to order the display stand.

Limited availability

Baubles + Beads purchases stock in advance of sales, as the cutting of gemstones is done in runs. As a result, we've got limited availability of each product type/gemstone. Once it's sold out, we can't get the exact same stone again.  In future products, you'll see the same or similar design but not necessarily the same gemstone(s).


The earhook is made from brass and is lead and nickel free. Brass will darken with age as it's exposed to the skin. Clean with gentle cloth and soap or a jewellery cleaning cloth. If customers have senstive skin, these are NOT hypoallergenic. 


*Please note: product will be similar to those depicted in photo but may not be exactly as those in the photo. This is due to the variation in gemstones (e.g. a string of stones will have variation in colour and cut) and also the minor inconsistencies related to handmade assembly. 

Online ordering
When you've placed your order, we will contact you with an invoice. The invoice will include the cost of shipping. We're a small company focussed on handmade in Canada. As a result, we're unable to ship product without payment. We take e-transfer or Paypal for online orders. When your payment is received, we'll ship the order.

The minimum online order is $200 not including shipping.


Sparkle a little brighter

  • If you'd like to hang your earrings on an existing display stand that you already own, please let us know if you need tabs for your display.  We offer stick on tabs and we'll ship these to you for free.

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