Rose-gold and Czech fire-polished glass bead bracelet


  • Czech fire-polished orange & blue glass (8 mm)
  • Rose-gold spacer beads (4 and 6 mm) 14-kt plated gold.
  • Bracelet measures 7-5/8” 
  • Gold-colored Japanese seed beads
  • Toggle clasp is electroplated gold. The colour of the clasp is not a perfect match with the rose-gold spacer beads.

A lovely assembly of Czech fire-polished glass with rose gold spacer beads and gold seed beads, this bracelet is elegant and perfect for that special occasion – wedding, anniversary, birthday. It’s elegant and goes with anything in your wardrobe.

*Please note that the photo is a MACRO and the bracelet appears LARGER in the photo than it is in real life. Macro photography is used to show details.
It is not recommended to wear this jewelry in water. You can clean sterling silver with a soft cloth cleaner or solutions. Alternatively, standard WHITE (not gel) toothpaste also cleans all jewelry including sterling silver exceptionally well. Store sterling silver in an airtight bag to reduce tarnish.
Price includes shipping to the USA, Canada & UK/Europe. Need it sooner? Please contact me for express shipping. Additional express shipping fees will apply.

Rose-Gold Wedding Bracelet