Boho mandala coral earrings handmade made from polymer clay & sterling silver

  • Polymer clay (non toxic, durable and ethically sourced from the USA)
  • Sterling silver/hypo allergenic studs (92.5)
  • All paints are non toxic and from the USA
  • Mandala earrings were shaped and painted by hand
  • Mandala earrings ¾" diameter
  • Earring is 2-3/8” long (includes circular ear hook, coral beads and mandala clay)


These gorgeous boho mandala coral earrings are one of a kind.

A mandala can help transform an ordinary mind into enlightened one and can assist with healing. 

The circular design of the mandala symbolizes the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected. A mandala represents a spiritual journey within an individual.


Blue coral is popular in a number of cultures and is the gemstone that protects the self employed, your assets and income.

*Please note that these are small earrings. The macro photos were provided to illustrate the detail on the earrings. The actual size of the tear drop is just a bit smaller than a 25¢ (quarter) coin.


Handmade products are not machined by tools. As a result, there are some inconsistencies in shape and depth/thickness. I make every effort to match the pieces as closely as possible.


Please do not merge this jewelry into water. Wiping with soft moist cloth is ok but saturating or soaking will ruin them.


Price includes standard shipping to the USA, Canada & UK/Europe. Need it sooner? Please contact me for express shipping. Additional express shipping fees will apply.


Boho Coral Earrings