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Vivid green/blue turquoise for a fabulous summer vibe

A favorite accessory in the boho girl’s accessory kit is turquoise jewelry. Not only is it an amazing summer statement, it also comes with a rich history and heritage of symbolic meaning.

Turquoise is an amazing charm stone that will bring a balance to your life.

A gorgeous, vibrant gemstone, turquoise represents femininity, and it’s believed to bring spiritual balance to the person wearing it.

A stone that captures and spreads calmness, patience and love, it’s the perfect choice for a summer accessory that will make you dazzle in the sunlight. Even its color – a beautiful, vivid mix of green/blue has a cheerful and creative vibe makes summer just a little more colorful


Whether mixed you mix it with gold, bronze or silver, turquoise is a great way to create an interesting, boho look with that unique “happy vibe”. Turquoise stone bracelet >>

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