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Morganite: Beautiful with emotional healing properties

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

You might be asking: what's so great about morganite? It appears to be rather abundant and somewhat transparent. Does it really have any value?

Morganite might be more common than many other gemstones. It might also be rather translucent but it has some really fabulous healing properties and can be truly beautiful in your jewelry collection.

Morganite is a very gentle stone, allowing for easy, gentle release of emotions. It helps the heart open more gently. Rose quartz also does this but morganite is more gentle. If you choose to wear morganite, it can bring a sense of deep peace and joy, both within us and with the world. In the metaphysical world, this makes morganite a favorite. Because of these properties, morganite engagement rings have become increasingly popular. They are beautiful with the properties of light and joy, and a gentle but powerful message of love and compassion. Perfect for any marriage! Read more about morganite stones>>

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