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Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

A super cute handmade mandala necklace, this pink cutie is sure to make a statement. It stands out in the crowd of white pigeons!

Mandalas are treasures from traditional cultures and are found around the world. Those who have been producing mandalas have been doing so for many centuries. They are associated with mother nature and a connection to the earth. Assisting the wearer to build spirituality, the mandala is one of the most revered and naturally-appealing organic shapes around – a circle! Circles are representative of the never-ending.

Adorning one of these will not only make you the flamingo in the flock of pigeons, it will be a piece that helps you express your uniqueness. And, you can connect with mother nature and the earth all at the same time.

The newest in my mandala collection, these tiny mandalas measure ¾ of an inch in diameter and come with an 18-inch leatherette necklace. Simple, small and classy.

Mandala necklace on 18-inch leatherette necklace >>

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