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Let your style reign supreme with handmade earrings.

Whether you like earth-inspired, gemstone or unique, I’ve got you covered. The collection from Baubles + Beads is chic, artful, colorful and one of a kind.


Handmade baubles and beads have been adorning women's earlobes as earrings as far back as 3,000 BC. For centuries women have been making glamorous fashion statements and expressing their personal brand and style.


In the early days, earrings indicated a woman's social status. Back in 3,000 AD, earrings were clues about a woman's religion, political and tribal identity.


By the second century AD, gemstones were added to earrings. And in the middle ages in Europe, fancy ear bobs became all the rage.


Though earrings are primarily ornamental, they help us express our uniqueness, taste in art, and can even make a social or political statement.


Fashionistas like Liz Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Vergara, and Joan Rivers would never be caught without earrings. Some would even say they feel naked without earrings.


For those seeking unique, different and colorful, Baubles + Beads has a collection made of sustainable materials and beautiful gemstones whether you feel naked without them or simply just like different and want to show that.

Prices are in US dollars and includes standard free shipping to the USA, Canada & UK

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