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Premium artisan-crafted wholesale jewellery



Display several options of the same design! Attracted to a specific design, customers have a choice of gemstone.


Build your
own package

Mix and match  jewellery for those who only want one piece of a specific design.


Premiere jewellery 

Our premiere collection of unique jewellery. Collection is filled with unique gemstones and finer findings such as sterling silver 92.5

Wholesale jewellery for retailers 

Influenced by organic shapes and mother nature, Baubles + Beads uses a variety of gemstones and metals to make jewellery. Our jewellery is made in Canada and proudly sells to retailers around the world.

Semi-precious gemstones from around the world

We have a passion for gemstones. You might even call it an addiction. We seek out gemstones from all over the world. From season to season, these gemstones will change. In fact, we order new gemstones regularly. You won’t likely see the same run twice. That said, we do focus on the popular favourites. We look for new runs with different variations of the most popular stone.


Some of the favourites include moonstones, aquamarine, amethyst, rose quartz, labradorite, turquoise, chrysocolla, and a few more! Not only are these our favourites, these are also popular with buyers.


Offering a variety of metals you'll find jewellery made of brass, plated silver, silver ( 92.5) or 14kt gold plated. 


Great gifts at affordable prices

We’ve paired nice-quality gemstones with affordable metals at attractive price points. These make great gifts and souvenirs.


In addition to our pre-set jewellery packages, we also offer one-of-a-kind premiere pieces for retailers looking to carry something that’s just a little different. These unique pieces boast beautiful metals, such as sterling silver 92.5, and gorgeous-quality gemstones that are unique and often produced in limited quantities. 


If you're looking for attractively-priced pieces that are unique, we have selection where you can build your own collection by mixing and matching. Please visit mix and match affordable jewellery>>.


Catalogue login

During trade show season, the login is open. 


However, we’ll be securing the login as the ordering season slows. At that time, you’ll need to reach out to get a login password. 


If you have issues with login, please email us at

If you found Baubles + Beads at a gift show, the login info is available on our purchase orders and/or business card.

Jewelry Making

Gemstones & Chakras

Inspired by the Chakras, meditation, and spiritualism, Baubles + Beads makes jewellery that focuses on spiritual healing. 

Our purchase orders contain a short description of the spiritual meditative qualities of each gemstone that we select.

And while this is our focus, we also select stones for their beauty and quality!

You'll find Baubles + Beads at select gifts shows throughout Canada. 


*Please note: Baubles + Beads doesn't promote the healing value of gemstones over the value of medical counsel. Gemstones from the Chakras are intended for meditation purposes and not to replace medicine.

Would you like to speak to us?

If you'd like to speak to a real person, please email us at with your contact info and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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